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Should we remove Colonial Monuments and rename our streets and public spaces? Part I
15 August 2022

There needs to be a serious National discussion on the question of the name change to streets, highways, buildings, parks, squares, open spaces, and the removal of plaques plaques, statues...

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Return All The Riches Stolen From Africa
10 August 2022

Much of Africa’s cultural, creative, artistic, and religious treasures is the true evidence of Africa’s technological development , its own Artistic and Industrial Revolution that is stored in the palatial homes and the various museums...

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UMROBI and Emancipation Day Celebrations
3 August 2022

Firstly, we wish to call on the young men of African descent in the society to take note of the present dire situation in which we now find ourselves in which young men of African descent are killing young men of African descent. This genocide must end...

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The Celebration of Emancipation in Britain
27 July 2022

To the best of my knowledge , we in the Anglophone Caribbean islands today celebrate Emancipation day and have a national holiday in recognition of that fact. On the other hand, Britain, as a society, in fact as the principal slave trader from ...

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An Honest Discussion is Needed
3 January 2022

I wish to humbly suggest that we ,as a society ,should begin with a call for honest discussion, discussion at the national level, discussion at local governmental level, discussion at the professional level but above all discussion at the domestic or family level.

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UMROBI recognizes the passing of South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu
28 December 2021

UMROBI wishes to recognize the passing of that great soul , South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu , Humanitarian, distinguished African leader and religious scholar,at the mature age of 90 years.

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