On the Passing of the British Queen

13 September 2022

By Winston H. E. Suite

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II. Photo by Getty Images

We wish to express condolences to the British people on the passing of their Queen after a long period of rule over the British people and the peoples of the colonial countries, including India, Africa, and the Anglophone Caribbean, among other colonial countries and Head of the Commonwealth of Nations. The Queen has now been succeeded by the new king, Charles III, who, as a progressive, has championed several causes, including the preservation of British architecture, environmental conservation, and a new approach to agriculture. He has been an early champion of the struggle against the Climate Change Crisis and has recently made progress with initial commentary with respect to the past role of the Monarchy, the Royal Family in particular, and the British Government during the long Colonial period, especially the period of the enslavement of millions of African people. We look forward to the continued discussion on the question of reparation for the descendants of African enslavement. While the British Royal family and the British people continue their mourning, we only wish that they would give some thought to the pain and suffering that was inflicted on millions in the colonial world as the British Royal Family, the British government, and the British people went about over the centuries building the British National Wealth and Empire. We will say more after a reasonable period of mourning has passed. The struggle for the reparation of the descendants of African enslavement continues.