An Honest Discussion is Needed

3 January 2022

By Winston H. E. Suite

Port of Spain

As I contemplate the many principal challenges confronting our twin island republic and before I begin to prioritize, I wish to humbly suggest that we ,as a society ,should begin with a call for honest discussion, discussion at the national level, discussion at local governmental level, discussion at the professional level but above all discussion at the domestic or family level.

The political parties simply do not find this issue / area useful, relevant or strategically rewarding. The electronic and print media do not find this sufficiently topical, exciting (sexy) and possibly not sufficiently financially remunerative. What then about the various news / electronic platforms? You can hazard an explanation. Let me begin the New Year with a potential list of areas of concerns , not necessarily in any order of importance or priority.

  1. The accumulation of plastic bottles , bags and waste packaging strewn along our highway and byways , in our rivers and streams and along our beaches .
  2. The accumulation of discarded motor cars ,motor vehicle parts ,there along the road sides and in visibly conspicuous and arbitrary piles around our once beautiful countryside .
  3. The dangerous discarding of electronic waste , (e -waste ) ,discarded fluorescent light bulbs , discarded batteries of all kinds , discarded computer parts , old television sets and parts , etc .
  4. The dumping of kitchen appliances in our rivers and streams ,even along our very road sides .
  5. We seem no longer to be in the business of recycling of glass bottles ! These are to be found along our road sides or flung in adjacent off the road open plots of land .

What are we going to do about these problems? These are not simply unsightly, they are dangerous and unhealthy. But above all they have provided a source of economic wealth inseveral other even developed societies. Salvage, recycling and reuse. The private sector, the public sector and the academic / research community must all come together to address this problem /possibility/ opportunity .

Winston H. E. Suite

The Voice of UMROBI